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Rail Drayage Service

With over 26 years of experience in the logistics industry, we've watched the intermodal sector evolve to become one of the most efficient means of executing smart transportation practices. Shipping freight by rail offers our clients the opportunity to reduce the reliance and cost on fuel, while upping the security and safekeeping of cargo all along the supply chain.

A broad network of logistics professionals is at your fingertips to make sure your supply chain is covered from top to bottom. Depending on where you your cargo arrives, our intermodal agents can help advise on the best modes of transportation to utilize for fastest and safest delivery. With yard storage readily available to house containers and strategic out-of-the-box solutions, you'll get the most out of your shipping strategy by combining our rail and OTR services. We also have the equipment and reliable drivers for a complete package to get the job done. Intermodal doesn't have to be complicated- not with Harbor Bridge Intermodal navigating with your best interests in mind.

Ready to explore the advantages of rail drayage service? Our intermodal agents will sit down with you and discuss a plan that is personalized for your unique venture. We will look at your shipment from every angle to ensure you get the most comprehensive prices, guaranteed. Contact us today get a free quote now.

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Offering hazmat load transportation

Harbor Bridge Intermodal has several established offices throughout the Midwest. We ship across all 48-states with an expansive network of logistics professionals readily available, no matter where your cargo needs to be transported.