Harbor Bridge intermodal Team

John Whelan


John started Harbor Bridge Intermodal 26 years ago with his father, John Whelan Sr. after a career spent working with the Board of Trade in Chicago. He takes pride in running an efficient intermodal trucking company that cares about its employees, drivers and clients.

Steve Rusch

VP of Operations

Steve recently joined Harbor Bridge Intermodal as VP of Operations following a professional career working for the largest wealth management firm in the world within their private banking group. His primary focus is on the day to day operations, ensuring that our drivers, customers and employees needs are consistently met.

Jim Whelan


Jim also started his career at the Board of Trade in Chicago and worked alongside his brother, John, and his father, John Sr., in the early years of Harbor Bridge. He continues to play a key role in the everyday operations of HBI.

Jen Kutnar

VP of Finance

Jen has been with Harbor Bridge for 25 years, and plays an integral role overseeing the billing, payroll and finance sector of the company. She prides herself on her work ethic, leadership style and integrity.

Gayle Hoyda

Dispatch Supervisor

Gayle has been with Harbor Bridge for 8.5 years and is a valuable member of our team. She ensures that dispatch, safety and rating is in order on a daily basis. Prior to joining Harbor Bridge, Gayle had already gained a wealth of experience working in the intermodal industry since 1993 with roles in dispatching, safety and billing. 

John Smith

Safety Manager

John has 18 years and counting in Transportation Safety. 2001-2010 Motor Carrier Inspector Indiana State Police. 2010-Present as a Safety Manager in the Chicagoland area. He has been CVSA certified level 1-5 includes Vehicle Driver and Carrier Inspector with certifications, FMCSA certified in Hazardous Materials Transportation in 2001 and 2006. Bendix Heavy Duty Friction Brake certified 2013. Passenger Vehicle Inspection Team Certification, New Entrant Carrier Certification, PPCT Defensive Tactics Certification, Qualified annual Inspector and qualified Brake Inspector. Conducted on-boarding new drivers, management of insurance claims, analytics of CSA program and initiation of score improvement strategies. 9 years of private sector work as Safety Manager with experience in ELD implementation and auditing for compliance with several systems, Keep Truckin ELD experience 2 years.

Erik Garcia

Senior Dispatcher

Erik has been involved in the intermodal industry for 6 years. In the beginning of his career as a driver then moving into operations, safety, and dispatching. Erik’s experience dealing with big accounts and large fleets throughout his career gives him the vital knowledge to help Harbor Bridge grow and prosper. Erik's driving knowledge and dispatching background will help him spearhead and execute the day to day operations in dispatch and safety at Harbor Bridge Chicago.

Lynn Grabinger

Chicago/Indy Billing Coordinator

Lynn has been with HBI for 4 years in the billing/payroll department. Her prior experience includes 6 years working in the transportation industry in dispatch and support for a car hauling company. 

Susan Morrin

Senior Billing Coordinator

Susan has worked for the Whelan family for over 20 years.  Some of her responsibilities include (but are not limited to), driver payroll, billing and customer service. She holds family values, morals and a strong work ethic to the highest standard. She prides herself on working to maintain strong relationships among HBI co-workers and most importantly, with our hardworking drivers.

Raul Vazquez

Intermodal Coordinator

Raul Vazquez is currently a dispatcher at Harbor Bridge Intermodal. He has 19 years’ of experience, in which 4 of them are with this company. He enjoys working in a team-oriented environment to help establish a successful business.

Gina England

Terminal Supervisor

Gina has worked in intermodal since 2001 in the Columbus area, with knowledge of Cincinnati and Cleveland rails/depots. She has ample experience working all terminal positions, including payroll/billing, dispatch and management. 

Alisha Dowell

Columbus Billing Coordinator

Alisha has been with Harbor Bridge for 9 months working in our billing and payroll sector. She is well-versed in all things intermodal, with 6 years experience working in human resources, A/P, A/R, billing and payroll.

Betsy Stanhope

Dispatch Coordinator

Betsy has worked in intermodal since 2014. She started out doing payroll and invoicing, and in 2018 began working in dispatch.

Michelle Kent

Indy Dispatch Supervisor

Michelle joined Harbor Bridge in 2015 after getting her start in the intermodal industry in 2004. She has worked as the operations manager at MD Logistics and in 2010, she joined Container Port Group, where she learned about the trucking side of intermodal.

Jordan Corbin

Indy Billing Clerk

Michelle joined Harbor Bridge in 2015 after getting her start in the intermodal industry in 2004. She has worked as the operations manager at MD Logistics and in 2010, she joined Container Port Group, where she learned about the trucking side of intermodal.